Frequently Asked Questions

Q1.  Are you a licensed company?
        A1. Yes we are licensed company registered by Transport for London: 3855
Q2.  Is this Taxi Company?                                                                                                                                                               

         A2. Yes this is a Private hire vehicle, two type of Taxi in London City, both are licensed by TFL. Type 1: London Licensed Taxi / Black Cab. Type 2:  Private hire vehicle or Minicabs operarated by TFL. 

Q3.  is it safe ?                                                                                                                                        

       A3.  Yes this is safe, all of our drivers are pass on fit and proper checks by regulatory board. All Drivers have DBS checked. Vehicles safety and MOT checked twice a year. 

Q4.  is private hire minicabs fare expensive than black cabs?                                                                                            

           A4.   No absolutely not we are guaranteed cheaper than London Black Cab,

Q5.  is your drivers carry ID ?     

           A5.  Yes Drivers Id is compulsory to wear during the duty.

Q6.  How do I know my Cab is arrived and which car ? 

          A6. You will receive text on your mobile with car details. first message is booking confirmation with date and time. 2nd     text when cab is despatched to you and third message you will receive when car is arrived.      

Q7. Can I book when we return from abroad ?           

          A7. off course you can book on website  or you can call on our 24/7 operator.

Q8. is your Vehicle insured for passenger ?                                                                                                                       

           A8. Yes all of our vehicle are licensed and insurance is up to date.

Q9. is your Drivers can speak any other language rather than English ?

           A9. Yes some drivers can speak Italian, Dutch, Arabic, Hindi, Urdu, Bangla and many other languages. communicating never be a problem for Taxi journeys.

Q10. Can I book return journey with the driver ? 

          A10. No this is illegal to book with drivers, always you book with operator or on website.